Could be dead, but I’m still here.

Gonna win, already halfway there.

I did not use to sleep in my hostel’s room because I was scared. Scared of being alone, scared of sleeping alone, scared if I would accidentally wake up and find no one by my side, scared if I needed to go the dark-cornered washroom at night. Empty corridors and cornered washrooms used to scare me!

But now I sleep alone, I wake up alone. There is no one around me, not in the next room, not on the same floor. I linger around, touch the walls, talk…

‘Face behind the story’ P.C. Shivani Pradhan

To begin with, you can fit in any right-left, east-west, north-south circles.

Based on your looks and the way you dress, You’ll receive a lot of flak how you and your community don’t need and deserve reservations, seats in their academic spaces, jobs in their office spaces, houses in their streets, land in their country, oxygen in their atmosphere, equality in their world and so on.

Savarna men will not let go of any opportunity to make you feel like a trophy they can take home to and put on a display for their woke, anti-caste, philanthropic, world-changing deeds.


In photo- Kashif Azmi, Sharjeel Imam

Where choices are not valued and understood,

Where genocides are carried in the name of brotherhood,

Where answer to conversion is therapy for you,

Where hearts that beat are left a few!

This is the story of our great-free-secular country of which I’m a very proud citizen. So Jai Hind, Vande Mataram and whatever else I’m required to say before proceeding further.

Cow is our mother, Gau Mutra is the best. Bharat Mata is everybody’s mother. This land is our motherland. Since we are so obsessed with the woman-mother figure, I want to talk about few instances where women and…

Sweta Soni

Dalit Feminist Writer| Post-grad Scholar at School of International Studies, JNU | Spanish teacher and translator

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