Apparent charms of a fair-Dalit woman

‘Face behind the story’ P.C. Shivani Pradhan

To begin with, you can fit in any right-left, east-west, north-south circles.

Based on your looks and the way you dress, You’ll receive a lot of flak how you and your community don’t need and deserve reservations, seats in their academic spaces, jobs in their office spaces, houses in their streets, land in their country, oxygen in their atmosphere, equality in their world and so on.

Savarna men will not let go of any opportunity to make you feel like a trophy they can take home to and put on a display for their woke, anti-caste, philanthropic, world-changing deeds.

You’ll be personally and specially invited to elite parties of elite people where other Hindi (or regional languages)-speaking, dark-skinned, Dalits with disabilities won’t be even thought of for once.

In the best-acclaimed progressive university space, you’ll be wooed by different political parties at the same time to represent them and be their face.

You’ll be constantly reminded of how you don’t fit in the monstrous image they’ve created for you and your people; in the books they wrote and the folks they sang. For the narrow constructions of their closed minds, you and your peers will be made to suffer all your life.

While your entire existence is a bug for them and inside they want to burn you alive, you’ll be received with the warmest of hugs and the widest of smiles, yes, every time.

You’ll come across so many funny men and women (Savarnas of course) who will be ready to include you to in all that they do, every place that they go. Just that, they will make sure you know, understand and acknowledge how big of a charity they are doing for you.

Token and trophy is what you’ll be made to feel like, every now and then. And for the one time you speak up, you’ll be that mad woman blowing things out of proportion.

With all the above-mentioned perks, what to complain about anyway.

Indeed light-Dalit skin has its own charm!


Dalit Feminist Writer| Post-grad Scholar at School of International Studies, JNU | Spanish teacher and translator

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